1- What does a home inspection include?

- An inspection includes exterior, structure, electrical system, hot water system, drainage, insulation and ventilation, interiors, central air conditioning, and heating. 

2- How much time does it take to do the inspection?

- A typically maintained 1800 square foot home should take approximately three hours to inspect. The time can vary depending on the age, maintenance level of the home, and the duration of discussions between the inspector and the client.

3- What are your qualifications?

-  I am a North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector who keeps up-to-date and continues taking related courses. I am also a former North Carolina Licensed Building Contractor. I have been inspecting homes in Avery and Watauga Counties since 2006.

4- How fast can I have an inspection done?

- I recognize the time constraints associated with trying to have an inspection done. I will gladly schedule an appointment as soon as possible, and YES, I ALSO DO INSPECTIONS ON WEEKENDS!   I send my reports by email, which helps speed the process along.


5- What about Radon Testing? 

- Radon is a radioactive gas that can be found in any home, regardless of age or condition. I offer Radon Tests separately, for an additional fee, if you wish to have this done. Radon can be fixedthrough simple venting systems. (For more information on radon itself, please click on that page.)